faithfully serving all

Let the Church always be a place of mercy and hope, where everyone is welcomed, loved and forgiven.
— Pope Francis

It is our belief as Catholics that God's unconditional love is offered to all people at the time of their death, regardless of who they were in life. No soul is beyond the reach of Jesus' unending mercy.

It is exactly this same hope we have in eternal life which motivates us to treat every person with the same dignity and respect universal to all people. This means serving every individual and family with kindness, regardless of their religious commitment, or if they have no religious affiliation at all. 

There are hundreds and thousands of men and women buried at Allouez Catholic Cemetery, each with a wide variety of backgrounds, belief systems and ethnicities. We continue to foster this tradition of serving every soul today, honoring them as created in the image of God and providing a peaceful and serene setting for their final place of rest.

If you have an immediate or long-term cemetery need, please contact us here and we will get back to you in a timely manner.