Decoration Rules and Regulations


Artificial decorations are allowed, according to the following schedule:

October 1st thru March 31st - Artificial decorations & evergreen wreaths. Items must be removed by March 31st. Any wreaths removed by the Allouez Cemetery staff will be kept over by the shop until April 15th.

Artificial decorations are not allowed during the following dates:

April 1st thru September 30th. Dates are subject to change at the discretion of cemetery management due to weather conditions; any such changes will be posted. Items must be removed by September 30th. Flower pots removed by Allouez Cemetery staff will be kept over by the shop until October 15th.


  • Any in-ground planting of shrubs must be pre-authorized through the cemetery office

  • Depending on the space available on your plot, you may have one or two shrubs ... cemetery staff will determine.

  • Any shrub becoming unsightly or overgrown will be removed by cemetery staff.

  • Any shrub removed from a gravesite to accommodate a burial will not be replaced by the cemetery; it will be the responsibility of the holder of burial rights for replacement.

  • The cemetery is not responsible for watering of shrubs.

  • Examples of allowable shrubs: Potentilla, Certain Types ofWeigela, Boxwood, Spirea (Gold Mound, Little Princess, Magic Carpet).

  • Mulch and stone are not allowed around bushes.


  • Any planting of trees must be pre-authorized through the cemetery office.

  • The cemetery office has the right to deny any type of tree.

  • The cemetery office is not responsible for pests, insect, animal or weather damage.

  • Any trees planted without authorization from the cemetery office will be removed.


  • The number of urns will depend on space limitations on the lot.

  • No in-ground planting of flowers is allowed; floral arrangements must be in an urn.

  • All urns should be of durable material such as steel or concrete; two recommended styles are the metal spike urns (available for sale at the cemetery office) or the Grecian style concrete.

  • The following types of urn are not allowed: metal box, plastic, ceramic, clay pots, glass vases and jars. ,r Urns must be placed in line with monument, not in front or in back of monument.


  • ONE decoration allowed per grave.

  • Plants in previously suggested containers or small statues are allowed. Solar lights are allowed in line with the marker.

  • The decorations must be on markers, not in front or behind.

  • Any decorations that are broken or unsightly will be removed.


  • Decorations for patio/courtyard crypts follow the same regulations for cemetery graves

  • Decorations must be placed in the stone or grass areas across from crypts, not against or adhered to the front of the crypts.

  • Any decorations put on patio by the crypts will be moved to the grass area; any unsightly decorations will be removed.

  • No items, other than plants, are allowed on patios.


  • Decorations shall consist of spike urns with live plants or planters with live plants (April 1st thru Sept 30th).

  • All Spring/Summer decorations must be removed before October 1st, including pots and spike urns.


  • Benches can have ONE spike urn, placed on the right side of the bench. Spike urns must be in alignment with the bench, not in front of or behind the bench.

  • ONE flower pot is allowed per crypt or niche, and must be placed in the rocks across from the crypts. Any pots put by the crypts or niches will be moved to the rock area.

  • Small American flags are allowed in the spike urns and pots, but cannot be placed in the ground.

  • No other decorations are allowed at the Wall of Honor Military area. This includes, but is not limited to - Solar lights, memory rocks, pictures, statues and other small decorations. These decorations will be removed.

  • Christmas wreaths with a single bow for the winter months are allowed and must follow the same rules as spike urns and flower pots. Wreaths cannot have any other decorations hanging from them. Wreaths need to be removed by March 31st


  • Winter decorations may be placed after October 1st and may consist of wreaths or other decorations attached to a wire tripod or the monument.

  • All Winter decorations must be removed by March 31st.


  • NO dogs are allowed in the cemetery at any time.

  • NO food or drink of any kind may be left on grave sites.

  • Shepherd's hooks and other similar wrought iron devices are not permitted. ,r Glass and ceramic vases are not allowed.

  • Candles are not permitted.

  • Decorations need to be in line with monument in front or in back.

  • Winter grave blankets are not permitted.

  • Foil balloons are not permitted.

  • Items such as statuaries, small flags solar lights, and other small decorations must be maintained within the flower pots.

Allouez Catholic Cemetery & Chapel Mausoleum will not be held responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.

These policies enable our staff to effectively maintain the cemetery grounds and ensure the safety of our visitors.