preplanned need


The time immediately following an individual's death can be one of great stress and anxiety for those left behind, especially if few funeral or burial arrangements are available.

Often, planning begins the very next day following the death and a rush of decisions come at those left in charge of making funeral and burial needs. Obituaries are written, caskets are chosen, services and luncheons are planned. Even in the midst of grief, certain decisions will not wait to be made, sometime exacerbating an already trying situation.

Planning for your funeral and burial needs in advance can help alleviate a great deal on your family and loved ones when the time of death comes.

Specifically, it takes an added emotional weight off of them having to make these large decision. It helps everyone save money by purchasing items at today's discounted pre-need prices. It allows you to have a more active say in what you want your funeral to be like and choose exactly where your final resting place to be. And, most of all, it leaves your family and friends with the time and space to grieve their loss and be with one another.

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Did you know?

More than 50% of Americans ages 45-75 have already pre-planned for their funeral and burial needs. 

What a great gift of relief and time to be with family to grieve this is.